This Black Woman Who Rode Across America Alone In The 1930s Is A Total Bad-Ass

In a list of heroic actions, riding a motorcycle across the country might not seem like a remarkable feat. However, in the 1930s America, for an African-American woman it was more than just impressive. Bessie Stringfield was born in 1911 and moved to Boston with her parents when she was young. After losing her family and being raised by an Irish woman, Stringfield taught herself how to ride a motorcycle at the age of 16 and that’s when her legend began.

For a black woman paving a way that has never been walked before, the road wasn’t kind. As an African-American, she was often denied accommodation during her travels, leaving Stringfield no other choice, but to sleep on her Harley motorcycle, or, if she was lucky, stay with black families that she met. On top of that, she was refused prizes in races she entered, purely because she was a woman. Despite all the odds, Bessie Stringfield achieved what others thought impossible for a black woman.

She became the first African-American woman to ride across the states solo, defying racial and gender barriers, as well making other 7 long distance trips in the USA, Europe, and Brazil. The woman performed motorcycle stunts in carnivals, served as a courier for the US Army during WWII until her presence in the motorcycle scene attracted media attention and she earned the title of “The Motorcycle Queen of Miami”. Although Stringfield passed away in 1993, her legacy lives on with “Bessie Stringfield Memorial Award” to recognize achievements of female motorcyclists, her well-deserved place in Motorcycle Hall of Fame, as well as Bessie’s memory that inspires many across the world. One of such is Ann Ferrar, biographer of Bessie Stringfield, who is currently working on a memoir delving deeper into Bessie’s life and Ann’s friendship with her which should be published in the near future.

Bessie Stringfield was born in Jamaica in 1911, but moved to Boston when she was young.

Stringfield taught herself how to ride a motorcycle at the age of 16

She earned money performing tricks at motorcycles shows, even though at times she was denied prizes at races

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